Tips To Minimizing Plantar Fasciitis Pain

  • Post on January 13th, 2014
  • by cbanks
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Plantar Fasciitis Tips

Plantar fasciitis is not fun!  It is an excess stress on the connective tissue between the front and back parts of the bottom of your foot.  It is often caused from poor footwear or lack of proper arch in the foot.  Here are a couple tips on how to reduce this painful condition!  Keep in mind the usual disclosure:  These tips do not replace the advice of a qualified physician. Please consult your doctor for evaluation if your pain persists or is limiting your function.

1.  Pump your feet up and down twenty times before getting out of bed in the morning.  Plantar fasciitis pain is often the worst in the morning because of the position of your foot when we sleep.  By pumping the feet up and down approximately 20 times before stepping down, this will minimize that initial “stab” and help to decrease the first micro-trauma of the day.

2.  Use a frozen bottle of water to ice the bottom of the foot.  While tennis balls are ok, a frozen bottle of water works even better to help mobilize the soft tissue of the bottom of the foot.  Sit on a chair and put decent amount of pressure down on the frozen bottle and roll it from back to front repetitively for about one minute per foot.  Do this once or twice per day, especially at night or right after strenuous weight-bearing activity.

3.  Stretch the Achilles tendon.  If the Achilles tendon is tight, it will predispose your foot to have a plantar-flexed position and also affect your gait.  Stretch the Achilles by having the affected foot back while leaning forward toward a wall.  Keeping your affected heel on the ground, slightly bend your knee and shift your pelvis forward.  Message me if you have trouble with this one at

4.  Accentuate the “heel-to-toe” portion of your walk.  While walking on your toes may minimize pain in the short-term, you won’t be doing yourself any favors in the long-term.  Really work on picking your toes up and putting your heel down as you place your foot forward when walking.

5.  Don’t wear high-heel shoes.  Sorry ladies… These are a killer.  If plantar fasciitis is a problem for you, they have to go.

6.  Put Phoenix KinetiCream on before bed and wear socks while you sleep.  This is a great trick to maximize the absorption of KinetiCream and create an ideal environment for the anti-inflammatory effect.  (This can also be done for arthritis relief.) Order your bottle by clicking here.

Hopefully these tips are helpful for you!

Until next time,  stay healthy!

– Craig Banks, DC, CCSP®  Founder, Phoenix Bioperformance