Where Did The Idea For Phoenix KinetiCream Start?

  • Post on March 17th, 2014
  • by cbanks
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Phoenix KinetiCreamPeople always ask me, “How did you come up with the idea for Phoenix KinetiCream?”  It’s a pretty crazy story, but the short answer is that I created it out of necessity.  Since that would be a pretty short article, I’m going to give you the longer version, too.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a chiropractor.  I own a very busy office near Akron, Ohio, and I used to have a total of seven offices that I helped to run or manage.  In my office, we are most concerned with helping out our patients with any possible means that we can.  We offer massage therapy, nutrition, rehabilitation, weight loss services and we have even had medical practitioners in the office as well.   I work very closely with other medical professionals in the area to coordinate care for my patients.  One of the orthopedic surgeons that I work with used to make a topical pain reliever that contained two ingredients:  Cetyl Myristoleate and Peppermint Oil (as a menthol source).  I used to buy this product from him and sell it to my patients.  This went on for a couple years, and my patients really liked the product.  They liked it better than the alternatives like Biofreeze, even though I sold both in my office.  The difference was in the action of the ingredient Cetyl Myristoleate (CMO).

What is CMO?  It is a compound discovered by researcher Harry Diehl and patented in 1977 for use in treating rheumatoid arthritis.  It was discovered in the blood of certain mice and was found to be the reason that they could not get arthritis, even when the lab workers tried to induce arthritis.  It was also found in sperm whale oil and a gland in beavers, but rest assured, we don’t squeeze mice or whales or beavers to get the CMO today.   Numerous clinical studies have supported the effectiveness of CMO for decreasing arthritis symptoms and inflammation.  Additionally, CMO has is absorbed transdermally quite well.

I was highly impressed with the research and my own clinical results using the CMO/Peppermint Oil cream.  However, the doctor discontinued manufacturing his product.  When I asked him why, he said that primarily it was because he was too busy, and secondarily that the costs of the ingredients was getting too expensive.  I subsequently found out that I was buying almost all of what he was selling!  So in order to avoid a lynch mob of patients coming after me for not having a similar product to sell to them, I took to the lab myself, deciding whether or not it would be feasible to make my own version of this style of topical pain relief cream.  Knowing that I would want to improve on the previous version (it’s the perfectionist in me), I decided to add as many anti-inflammatory related compounds as I could feasibly push through the skin.  I didn’t just want a good product, I wanted the type of product that amazed people when they used it.  With a chiropractic and nutritional background, I thought of a few things right away: Bromelain, Papain, Emu Oil, Arnica, Willow Bark, Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM.  After consulting with my co-developers, a few more anti-inflammatory ingredients were added, and a couple tweaks later, Phoenix KinetiCream was born.

How did we know it was finished?  Well, I had injured my shoulder in the gym about three weeks prior to the final product was done.  I had already had an MRI and I was considering a cortisone shot, as despite all my best chiropractic and rehabilitative efforts, the pain was affecting my ability to adjust my patients.  This version had been finished the previous day, and I was going to coach my son’s wrestling tournament, which was going to be an all day event.  I showered, put some of the new formula on my shoulder, and went off to the tournament.  I was planning on leaving straight from the tournament to go to Cincinnati and train with friend of mine who is a pro-wrestler.  Not only did I feel fine for the rest of the day, I felt good for the rest of the week!  Honestly, that pain in my shoulder never came back after literally one application.   I’ve had other pain there in the years since, but not the same pain.  (I never needed the shot, either!)

So that’s the story.  We mass-produced that version, and people in my office loved it.   We don’t really have any other topical pain relievers on our shelves.  I think I may have some collecting dust somewhere, but no one really buys them.   Now, I’m no sales guru, but I did begin to sell the product on the web, and after we were covered on a couple radio shows, orders began flowing in from all over the world.   Today, we have tons of user testimonials and numerous professional athletes that endorse the product.  Guess how much I pay them!  NOTHING!  They do it for free because they love the product.  Sure, I pay them if I bring them to an event, but the only thing they really ask is that they never run out of cream for their gym bag.  The athletes are NFL players, MLB players, TNA Impact and WWE wrestlers, MMA fighters, etc…  We are used in the training rooms of some NCAA colleges, as well.  If Phoenix KinetiCream works for them, do you think it might work for you?  I bet so.  Bring us your tough pains, your old injuries, your daily aches and even your headaches.  We’re up for the challenge.  Worried about cost?  First off, a four-ounce bottle lasts three times as long as the leading topical and only costs a few bucks more.  Not convinced yet?  Well here’s a coupon.  Use code “CBANKS66” for 25% off your entire order.   Still not certain?  Then try a free sample packet.  You only pay $2 for S&H.  I’m sure you’ll end up loving it and we will enjoy helping you move better!


Craig Banks, DC, CCSP®
President, Phoenix Bioperformance